Ethics and Insanity in Consulting

David Allway describes himself as a Project Manager, Change Management Lead, and Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a proven record of accomplishment assessing existing business operations and identifying process improvements, re-engineering processes, and managing change to optimize revenues, control costs, and manage risks.

I came across his blog via twitter and I was instantly hooked with his article „Ethics and Insanity in Consulting“. David is sharing ideas all change agents are constantly having.

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From The Desk Of A Common Sensei

If we are continually hired to resolve the same issue that was previously addressed, is that insanity, misinformed decision making, misguided, or something else? What role should we play?

There is no doubt in my mind that some of the greatest companies in the world have made their name by re-purposing or re-packaging the same item and selling it to anyone that is willing to buy it. Recycling has become an industry unto itself in which we re-purpose something that has outlived its usefulness or passing something on that is no longer of use to the original owner. Over the life of my consulting career, I have continually built upon and improved documents, deliverables, and ideas that I had previously provided to a different customer. However, something seems to be changing.

Five years ago, I was working with an organization known as „Effective Government Now“. The organization was established to raise interest in, and to enable the use of, strategically driven performance…

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