25000 Mornings – Another Reason for the Lean Law #1

25000 Mornings, give or take, is all we humans get.

Think about it. These ten words made me think. And I started talking about it. We all agreed that it is time to focus on the most important things.

And I might add – to remember Lean Law #1: Specify Value.

A colleague referred Seneca’s „On the Shortness of Life“ to me, which was written almost 2000 years ago. Out of the translation of John W. Basore I quote: „the life we receive is not short, but we make it so, nor do we have any lack of it, but are wasteful of it.“

Seneca did not know of Lean. Nor did the makers of the 25000 mornings had Lean in mind, when they created the video. But both might raise the awareness for a Lean Transformation. Now, if you grab Womack and Jones „Lean Thinking – Banish Waste and Create Wealth in Your Corporation“, turn to the introduction:

Muda. It’s the one word of Japanese you really must know. It sounds awful as it rolls off your tongue and it should, because muda means „waste,“ specifically any human activity which absorbs resources but creates no value …“

Which non-value-added tasks are we tackling today? Which wasteful activities will we stop today?

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